The Festival

The CUMPLICIDADES Festival establishes itself in every edition as a new event by changing format and programme. This happens with the accomplice of a new programmer in each edition which ensures a fresh look at the creative landscape in dance. According to the programme we articulate different propositions of local and international partnerships. There is a special attention to diversity of gaze and interventions in the public sphere; defending that art can perform a true crosscutting dialogue in society.

We linked the festival to the idea of ​​complicity, challenging artists, organizations and the public to draw a map of Lisbon that defines itself through contemporary dance. We want to stamp this artistic area onto the city's imagination and reclaim this territory albeit conscious of the multidisciplinarity and artistic hybridism of our national creators. We defend a diversity of proposals, including those that defy classification which places our questions of boundaries and their definition in the form of dance.

The CUMPLICIDADES Festival includes Portuguese and foreign artists, emerging or already established, with areas of work that vary from dance to artistic disciplines using the body and movement as expression. Likewise, a diverse typology of organisations that host the festival and contribute to the urban dynamics through a programme that addresses fascination and restlessness, aiming to reach and stimulate a public plural.

Francisco Camacho


EIRA is a 25-year-old artistic production structure dedicated to the development both national and international of contemporary dance.
This structure unfolds its action through promoting training and research activities, organising events and contributing to the cultural offer and development in Portugal. EIRA is recognised today as a reference in the field of ​​contemporary dance as a workspace and a crossroad of projects and creators.
Beyond producing the works of choreographer Francisco Camacho, EIRA has shown support to a variety of Portuguese and foreign artists through: Creation; Production, Coproductions, Presentation of works; Creative residencies; Artistic research; Offering of space for rehearsals.

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