Uma tarde no mundo / Performance

Rita Vilhena


Sem Título (Reencontros no Palácio de Verão)

© José Caldeira

A solo work adapted, dismantled and rebuilt for the Palácio Pimenta (18th century). Recovering the character of another solo: #VIBRA #DOR, Rita Vilhena performs a discontinuous performance through the palace's rooms. This performance reflects issues of the feminine, the stereotype of the woman and the domesticated body. A piece with a non-binary and intersectional view of reality that aims to exaggerate the difference between inside and outside, above and below, male and female, with and against, having as purpose the questioning of the appearance of order. The challenge is to make a temporal friction of this woman-body in this space where objects have become museum pieces.

Nota: Single ticket for all the “Uma Tarde no Mundo” performances in Museu de Lisboa - Palácio Pimenta - 3€
According to venue capacity.

​Rita Vilhena

Rita Vilhena is a choreographer, dancer and performer; performer and co-creator of independent projects and for dance companies at international level; site specific, in theaters or museums. In 2005 she created the platform for performance and improvisation Baila Louca (Rotterdam/Netherlands). She has worked with Meg Stuart, Jeremy Wade, Matej Kejzar, Bruno Listopad, Julyen Hamilton, Keren Levi, Ugo Dehaes, Charlie Morrisey, TRASH, Meekers, Beeldend Danstheater Telder, Compagnie sQueezz Schuurmans & Mayele, Ligia Soares, Vânia Rovisco, Fernando Belfiore. She is a dance teacher at Escola Superior de Dança, worked at the Academy of Theater and Dance (Amsterdam), Arnhem Dance Academy - ARTEZ, Dansateliers in Rotterdam, Station Zuid in Tilburg and various international festivals; She is part of the group of facilitators for Contact Improvisation in Lisbon and Amsterdam. She has a master's degree in Performing Arts from FCSH and has worked as a grant recipient at the Center for Music and Dance Studies at INET-md Pólo FMH.

3 Oct 15:00

Museu de Lisboa​ – Palácio Pimenta

Concept/ Creation/ Performance Rita Vilhena
Music Diogo Alvim, "Run the World (Girls)" by Beyoncé
Production Partícula Extravagante and Baila Louca

M/16 | Durational 15h00 to 16h30

"Uma Tarde no Mundo” ( translated to An afternoon in the World) is a section thought to take place during an afternoon in two exhibition spaces in Lisbon with performances that dialogue with the diverse spatial, institutional and museographic contexts.”