Sara Anjo and Teresa Silva



© Joana Linda

Can the body be an oracle?
This is a hypothetical exercise that listens, observes, reads, interprets signs and symbols in order to create possibilities, rather than seeking answers. It confronts us in the present with the moment of action and suspends the obsession with the future. The darkness of the theatre becomes the medium to illuminate something hidden and invisible and the theatrical experience can reveal itself to be a real and transformative perspective. Oráculo launches an invitation to practice other forms of clairvoyance together.


Nota: Normal ticket - 12€ | Ticket with discount - 5€
You can buy your ticket through BOL or in TBA’s ticket office tuesday to sunday from 15h to 20h. In performance days the ticketline is open from 18h until 30 minutes from the beginning of the session | | +351 218 758 000

Sara Anjo and Teresa Silva

This is the first collaboration of the two dancers and choreographers Sara Anjo and Teresa Silva. Sara has worked the action of breathing and walking in detail, developing choreographic propositions that dialogue with sound architecture. It highlights her current collaborations with Flora Detráz, Michelle Moura and Teatro do Silêncio. Teresa highlights the collaborations with Filipe Pereira and Elizabete Francisca Santos, in terms of creation and as an interpreter, with Loïc Touzé. Transversal to her work is the reflection about time, the relationship between figure and background and the dialogue between dance and scenographic materials.

7 Mar 21:30

8 Mar 17:30

Teatro do Bairro Alto (TBA)

Artistic Direction Sara Anjo and Teresa Silva
Concept in Collaboration with Ana Maria Silva, Artur Pispalhas, Filipe Pereira and Jean-Baptiste Veyret-Logerias
Administrative Management Vitor Alves Brotas/ Agência 25
Co-production Teatro do Bairro Alto in collaboration with Eira/Festival Cumplicidades
Supported by Fundação Calouste Gulbenkian and República Portuguesa-Cultura/Direção-Geral das Artes
Residency Support O Espaço do Tempo, Estúdios Victor Córdon, O Rumo do Fumo and Pólo Cultural das Gaivotas
Special Thanks Sara Machado, Cátia Mateus, Anabela Mendes and Andrea Rodella

M/6 | 60 minutes