Josefa Pereira

[Brazil / Portugal]


© Aline Belfort

“Glimpse” is a peek, a brief, partial view of something.

In this piece a body oscillates between its own opposites. Right side and left side create tension simultaneously between continuity and interruption through a device that proposes possible indentations generated by the crack of this supposedly symmetrical bipartition.

A body can be divided in half: top, bottom, right and left, front and back. We can also divide the world into north and south, east and west, name two genders: male and female. Or draw a distinction between individual and community, the human and the animal, or the human and the inhuman - man and his monsters driven by desire to confine, outline or plan complex dimensions. But with each arbitrarily drawn separation in two we could also draw other dimensions that reveal new cracks and crevices to be entered and taken as new ways of existing with facets and dimensions unknown in multiplicity, directions and durations.

“Bestiário Pink” is a project that is triggered by the investigation of a body that breaks in the middle: coronal, sagittal and transverse. In splitting Bestiário PINK not only biparts but also triparts itself through “Hidebehind” (2018), “Glimpse” (2020) and untitled # 3 (to come), and formulates with each piece zones of performative intensities that are purged one by one. Through that purge they gain their own duration, continuity and potency and examines torsion, inversion, transformation, possession and borders.

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​Josefa Pereira

Josefa Pereira (BR) is a performer and choreographer based in Lisbon. She also lives through partnerships in contact with her home city São Paulo where she graduated in Comunicação das Artes do Corpo (PUC-SP, BR) thanks to the PROUNI scholarship program; and in Amsterdam where she is currently a master's student in the DAS Choreography programme (AHK, NL) as a grant recipient from the Gulbenkian Foundation. Her path is marked by several collaborations and participations in projects of the São Paulo scene with interests in and around collectivity, presence and gesture as a field of aesthetic and political tension. She is currently a performer and creator of "Monstra" directed by Elisabete Finger and Manuela Eichner and is dedicated to showing her work "Hidebehind" (2018) as well as to create and debut her Glimpse (2020). Among her works are also highlighted "Mandíbula" (2018) and "Égua" (2017) in partnership with the artist Patrícia Bergantin. From 2019 on she worked as a dance teacher at the Fórum Dança turning it into a space for experimentation and exchange of artists’ practice and artistic research.

6 Mar 19:30

7 Mar 19:30

8 Mar 18:00

Galerias Municipais | Galeria Quadrum

Concept and Performance Josefa Pereira
Light Luis Moreira
Photography Aline Belfort
Production Assistance Mafalda Jacinto
Sound Atmosphere Cigarra
Collaboration Daniel Lühman, Elisabete Finger, Maura Grimaldi, Natália Mendonça, Patrícia Bergantin, Taygoara Schiavinoto Moura Ramos
Residencies EM TRÂNSITO -Temps d'Images, Estúdios Victor Córdon [Lisboa-PT); Musibéria (Serpa-PT); DAS Graduate School
Working Space Forum Dança; Polo Cultural Gaivotas
Special Thanks Vitor George, Lucas Camargo de Barros, Jeroen Fabius

M/12 | 45 minutes

This performance is part of the research developed at the DAS Choreography Masters Program (AHK-NL) and relies on a grant awarded by Gulbenkian Foundation (PT).