Catarina Miranda


Dream is The Dreamer​

© José Caldeira

Dream is the Dreamer is the title for a spatial invocation or a scenic exercise where a fictional topography is called-up establishing a collective imaginary through the development of word and gesture.
The empty stage is intercepted by a coordinated protocol with a described and incorporated sequence of events that establish a scenic temporality. The construct of this sensitive experience of the body stems from a contemplation exercise with a solitary character that contrasts the line of horizon. Through the manipulation of materials the monstrous and human dimensions of a body-skin-flesh are linked and brought into evidence.

Catarina Miranda

Catarina Miranda - Coimbra, 1982. She has been developing and presenting creative projects mainly for the stage working with methods that intersect dance, voice, scenography and light. Her approach uses the body as a vehicle of hypnagogic transformation and awareness of the present. Her distinguished projects DREAM IS THE DREAMER, DIAGONAL ANIMAL, BOCA MURALHA, MAZEZAM were presented at the Palais de Tokyo / Paris, the FABRIC Festival in Fall River / USA, Museu de Serralves, TMP, TNSJ, Materiais Diversos Festival, among others. Miranda completed her master's degree at the ICI-CCN of Montpellier / Fr and the Noh Theater Studies at the TTT Program in Kyoto / Jp; She has a degree in Painting from FBAUP.

19 Mar 21:30

20 Mar 21:30

21 Mar 21:30

CAL - Primeiros Sintomas

Performance canceled.

Artistic Direction, Scenography, Text Catarina Miranda
Performance André Cabral
Choreographic Concept Catarina Miranda, André Cabral
Playwright Assistance, Music Jonathan Saldanha
Light Design Letícia Stryckry
Executive Production Joana Cardoso
Production SOOPA
Co-Production Teatro Municipal do Porto
Agency Sara Abrantes/Materiais Diversos
Supported by DGARTES/ Ministério da Cultura, Materiais Diversos (Lisbon, Portugal), Festival Explore Dance (Romania), Be My Guest International Network
Creative Residencies Pact Zollverein (Essen, Germany), Nave (Santiago, Chile), Grand Studio (Bruxelles, Belgium), WASP (Bucharest, Romania); EXERCE/CCN-ICI (Montpellier, France), O Espaço do Tempo (Montemor o Novo, Pt), Srishti Institute (Bangalore, India)
Study and Research Programme EXERCE/CCN-ICI (Montpellier, France), ; TTT/ Traditional Theatre Training in NOH (Kyoto/Jp)
Special Thanks Cristina Planas Leitão, Luísa Saraiva, Sara Abrantes, Sofia Matos

M/6 | 45 minutes