David Marques


Dança Sem Vergonha

© Ágata Xavier

"In the last few years, I’ve been searching for ways and reasons for dancing. I found, while dancing at home, studios and discos, a common pleasure that made me carry on. With few or none witnesses, this parallel dance of pleasure seemed to rise between a musical formality and an emotional expression without embarrassments.
My “unashamed dance” might exist only in theater and can only be possible by crossing several spaces, times and motivations: the bedroom which I relate to my childhood, the disco that I associate with my teenage years and the studio with my adulthood. To the theater I associate the present time, during a performance, of both spectators and performers.
Danced by me, this sensation-dance is immediate and reflected, simple and complex, referencial and naif, abstract and symbolic, serious and funny, intimate and shared, technical and unprepared." David Marques, November 2019

Nota: Normal ticket - 7,5€ | Ticket with discount - 5€
Tickets available in Rua das Gaivotas 6’s ticket office - Cash only.
You can buy your ticket 30 minutes before the performance. Reservations between 16h and 20h, and in the performance day until the hour of its start | | +351 912 191 940

David Marques

David Marques (Torres Novas, 1985) works as a performer and choreographer from Lisbon. He has been collaborating as a performer in pieces from Loic Touzé, Francisco Camacho, Filipa Francisco, Lucie Tumova, Tiago Guedes, David Wampach, Raquel Castro, Tiago Vieira and Emily Wardill. With Ido Feder developed a trilogy Bête de Scène/Images de Bêtes/THE POWERS THAT B and with Tiago Cadete the piece Apagão. In 2017 presented Ressaca at Culturgest and in 2019 Mistério da Cultura at the Festival Materiais Diversos and Teatro do Bairro Alto.

6 Mar 21:30

7 Mar 21:30

Rua das Gaivotas 6

Created and Performed by David Marques
Live DJ set Joe Delon
Space Tiago Cadete
Video Diogo Brito
Costume Design Tiago Loureiro
Outside Eye Patrícia Milheiro
Residencies Estúdios Victor Córdon and EIRA/Teatro da Voz
Administrative Management Vítor Alves Brotas - Agência 25
Co-production PARCA, EIRA/ Festival Cumplicidades
Supported by Curtas de Dança 2019 – Festival DDD Dias de Dança (para o desenvolvimento do vídeo), Self-Mistake – Bolsa de Experimentação
Promotional Photography Ágata Xavier

M/16 | 50 minutes
In this piece the audience is standing and circulating through the space.

'Dança Sem Vergonha' is a continued investigation developed in artistic residencies, in a laboratory of creation and in a choreography studio interpreted by students in their first year at Escola Superior de Dança – IPL in 2018/2019.

* David Marques, along with other guests, will participate on March 7 at 4 pm in Interfluências - a series of conversations open to the public related to the shows taking place at Rua das Gaivotas 6 during 2020. To find out more check out