Sina Saberi



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Damnoosh is an infusion, created out of a need for oneness. It takes Naqqali (the Iranian dramatic story-telling) as a starting point to bring people together and invite them to a moment of collective presence.
Seven plants from seven different corners of Iran are present in the space, each bringing their individual tale as well as an offering for the body, the mind and the soul.

Sina Saberi

Born in 1988 Tehran and coming from a background of literature, teaching and communication, Sina came to the performing arts in 2012. First as a performer in various Iranian productions of theater and soon after to physical theater and ultimately to movement. In 2014 he created his first solo work, on two feet that looks at the untrained body with an urgency to move. It became a starting point for a research that poses many questions about the 40-year gap that the art form of dance has been dealing with in Iran.

These questions took the form of a practice that explores dance and movement in a context that doesn’t welcome these notions. In 2016, he made Prelude, a short dance piece desiring to embody the invisible progression of the Persian dance. In 2017, he made Damnoosh, a critique of his own position as the exotified dance artist from Iran, where dance is “forbidden”. Since 2017, he has been in the creative process of the third part of this trilogy, basis for being.

Sina is in collaboration with several artists and authors from around the world, merging practice through different disciplines and communities. He co-founded MaHa dance projects in 2014 that is the founder of the ‘body movement’ initiative in Iran. In 2017 he established Kahkeshān, a community-based organization dedicated to dance research and creation.

20 Mar 21:00

21 Mar 19:00

Largo Residências - Palácio Visconde da Graça

Performance canceled.

Concept and Creation Sina Saberi
Music from Mohammadreza Shajarian & Mohammad Alizadeh - Mixed by Farbod Maeen
Costume Design Lida Noba
Lighting Design Ali Kouzehgar
Supported MaHa dance projects & Kahkeshān

M/12 | 60 minutes