Adriana Grechi

[Brazil / Portugal]


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BANANAS examines gender as an invention of power. The work exhibits the repetition of gestures that shape the bodies considered masculine. Performers fine-tune visceral and primitive behaviors to mirror imaginary constructions of a virile culture in an insatiable desire to consume and discard things, places, times and people. BANANAS creates friction, disorientation and takes power away from boundaries between gender, spectator and performer, producer and consumer of images, meanings and perceptions.

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Adriana Grechi

Adriana Grechi - Choreographer and creator of dances in São Paulo graduated from SNDO / Amsterdam (1994). She was one of the founders of Studio and Cia. Nova Dança in Brazil and directed more than twenty choreographic works. She also received several awards throughout her career, including five APCAs (Associação Paulista dos Críticos de Arte). Grechi taught workshops in a number of countries and coordinated the Move studio (2004-2007), the Nave studio (2008-2017), and further opportunities for research, training and creation in São Paulo. In 2003, she started the Núcleo Artérias, bringing together artists/researchers from different areas. While directing these groups (2003-2018) her dedication continuously went to to the investigation of urgent corporealities and the invention of structures permitting artistic sharing. In her works Grechi proposes to provoke the body as sensory and perceptual matter, as a porous body that expands its capacity to be affected as in vitality and political power. Grechi has presented her work at various festivals such as Panorama in Rio de Janeiro, Rencontres Chorégraphique de Seine-Saint-Denis, Bienal de Dança do Ceará, Porto Alegre em Cena, FID/ Belo Horizonte, On Marche/Marrakech, Bienal SESC/Campinas and in touring programmes throughout Brazil, to name a few: Circuito SESI, Caixa Cultural, Petrobras Cultural. She composed and coordinated six editions of the project Teorema (comprised of artists and researchers) and seven editions of the Platform Exercícios Compartilhados (with artists and playwrights of dance). Lastly, she is the director at the Festival Contemporâneo de São Paulo from its beginnings in 2008. (

6 Mar 21:00

7 Mar 21:00

8 Mar 19:30

Galerias Municipais | Galeria Quadrum

Concept and Direction Adriana Grechi
Performance and Co-creation Bruna Spoladore, Lívia Seixas and Nina Giovelli
Provocateurs Robert Steijn and Marcelo Evelin
Sound and Music Design Dudu Tsuda
Production Amaury Cacciacarro Filho

M/16 | 40 minutes