Khouloud Yassine



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The workshop will be divided into two major parts:
- Movement and rhythm.
- The process of “Heroes”.

In the first part, we will focus on the musicality of the body movement through its rhythmicality, notions that are central in my work. We will develop new tools for improvisation based on different rhythmic “activities” and propositions. We will be focusing on the action of walking and its variations by creating rhythm through the feet and redirect it through the whole body; this “rhythmic spread” aims to lead participants to access rhythm state, connect to the upper/lower connectivity, and promote stability/ mobility.

We progress with rhythmic patterns while stationary before moving them through space:
- First, we focus on an internal rhythmic awareness, and then shift the awareness to external; we listen to the pulse of the music before moving to it and with it.
- We begin with movements that do not locomote before progressing to movements that do. While exploring non-locomotive movements.

In the second part, we will go through the process that I followed in the making of the solo “Heroes” and the main notions I delved into, namely the relationship between the body, the image and the power.

- Khouloud Yassine

Khouloud Yassine

Khouloud Yassine is a choreographer, dancer and actress. She majored in performing arts at the Fine Arts Institute in Beirut before specialising in choreography in particular at the Sorbonne Paris 8. In 2001, she co founded Maqamat Dance Theater with whom she worked until 2005. In 2007, she began to collaborate with percussionist and composer Khaled Yassine with whom she created “B Laylé men Azar” (2007), “Entre Temps” (2009), and “Entre Temps 2” (2012). In film, she acted in Jocelyne Saab’s “What’s Going On?” and choreographed the dance video “Obscenitas Project” with Dance Works Rotterdam. Her solo “Le silence de l’abandon” created in 2012 was presented at the Friche de la Belle de Mai in Marseille, Atelier de Paris Carolyn Carlson, the Frac Lorraine in Metx, the Quartz in Brest and the choreography centre of Caen. In 2014 she collaborated as performer with choreographer Danya Hammoud in “Mes mains sont plus âgées que moi” and in 2016 as performer in Xavier Le Roy’s “Retrospective”.

12 Mar 10:00

13 Mar 14:00

Eira / Teatro da Voz

Workshop canceled.