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Lana Schmeit


Once Again

© Sam Lens

This creation is inspired by photographs taken in Syria for the last 7 years. These images are the base of a multimedia and multi-disciplinary piece exploring through photography, music and dance 6 themes related to the war in Syria: Shock, Cold, Hunger, Migration, Loss, Death and Life. Lana Schmeit seeks to start a dialogue and exchanging with diverse artistic and dance communities and to open new possibilities for collaborations. .

During her residency in the frame of CUMPLICIDADES Festival, Lana will develop the piece and will work with 4-5 selected dancers on 2 new parts: Cold and Loss. Lana aims to work with dancers living in Portugal, on the choreography she prepared for the piece, with the music especially composed for the piece. Each part was choreographed based on Sam Lens’ photos of Syria.

At the end of the residency, Lana and the dancers will present the results of their work and rehearsals to the public. The work will be presented with the projected pictures of Sam Lens and the music by Aamen Alarand.

Nota: Single ticket for the three studios - 5 €
Tickets available in CAL- Primeiros Sintomas’ ticket office - Cash only.
You can buy your ticket from 1h before the performance.

Lana Schmeit

Lana Shmeit graduated from the Institute of Culture, the faculty of choreography in Damascus. She taught Choreography in the institute, staged and created dance performances and participated in numerous workshops with Akhram Khan and Sasha Walt’s or performed with Henrietta Horn. She was a member of the first Syrian Contemporary Dance Company Sima for 8 years. She is now living in Istanbul, , and works as a dancer, choreographer and dance professor. She was selected as a participant for Camping, International Choreographic Platform organized by l’ONDA and the CND in France in June 2019.

14 Mar 19:00

CAL - Primeiros Sintomas

Choreographer Lana Schmeit
Sound Design and Music Aamen Alarand
Photography Sam Lens
Co-producer, touring producer A Corner in the World

M/6 | 30 minutes

The project beneficiated from the support of AMARRE Residency program in 2018.
AMARRE is a residency programme that provides a safe working space for forcibly displaced artists (or artists in exile) to develop their projects and share them with their host communities, as well as connect them to the professional networks in their new environments.

For its pilot edition in 2017-2018, AMARRE took place in four different countries: Lebanon, Turkey, France and Belgium.

Programme designed and directed by Collectif Kahraba /Hammana Artist House
In partnership with L’Atelier des Artistes en Exil (France), A Corner in the World (Turkey), Moussem (Belgium)
Supported by the French Ministry of Europe & Foreign affairs
2017 - 2018