Future Heritage

The past in the contemporary

How do we take care of our choreographic heritage and what will we leave for future generations? In this discussion we intend to address the importance of dance preservation in the future and how concepts of heritage, legacy, repertoire and archive can be approached and preserved not only in dance academies but by the artists as well, seeking to awake the interest of different audiences for dance and preservation of our cultural heritage.

21 Mar 16:00

Biblioteca Camões

Event canceled.

Moderator / Provocator:
Daniel Tércio Archive project EIRA / Terpsicore

Alexandra Lourenço CDN Portuguese Association's President of Librarians, Archivists and Documentalists
Ana Bigotte Vieira “Uma timeline a haver”
Maria José Fazenda Escola Superior de Dança
Mário Afonso Carta Branca > Prata da Casa Project; CUMPLICIDADES 2020 Artist