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Mário Afonso



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This work arises out of the wish to create a scenic object in which word, drawing and gesture assume a central position. As a "duet" with a whiteboard whose flat surface offers the possibility to register the concreteness of the word and the subjectivity of the drawing; within the breaks of determined actions of an erasing gesture that eliminates in order to proceed. In this reflection about reality we find a festive quality and remember the poetry of the present time and place. The show must go on!

Mário Afonso

Since 1998 he develops his work in the performing arts with shows in Portugal, Spain, the Netherlands and Belgium. As a dancer and performer, he has participated as co-creator in works by other artists such as João Fiadeiro, Miguel Pereira, Cão Solteiro and Vasco Araújo, among others. His work has been produced by frames such as The Smoking Trail and Re.Al. In 2009 he founded his own association, Carta Branca, which he has managed ever since. Through this structure of production of his work, in areas of creation, formation and execution of ideas, he began the project Prata da Casa in 2016 - a collection of documentary videos for Portuguese contemporary dance, with universal online access.
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14 Mar 19:00

CAL - Primeiros Sintomas

Performance canceled.

Concept and Performance Mário Afonso
Audio Editing Bruno de Azevedo
Music “Splanky”, Cout Basie
Production Carta Branca
Support CML - Câmara Municipal de Lisboa, Forum Dança, O Rumo do Fumo, TNDMII - Teatro Nacional Dona Maria II
Special Thanks Catarina Saraiva, Eduardo Hall, Marília Maria Mira, Miguel Pereira, Nuno Luz, Sofia Campos, Teresa Dias, Rita Bernardes.

M/18 | 40 minutes