Mariem Guellouz


Decolonizing Belly Dance

This workshop combines the theoretical aspect with the practical one in dance. It is a reflection around the dances of the Arab and Berber world: revisiting the basic steps of oriental dance, seeking the differences between Maghreb dance and oriental dance, dance of men and women, crossing the history of this dance through the sensation of the dance movement. The workshop will be also a deep reflection about the way of appropriating the dance movement and bringing it to life through the body memory of the dancer. Images, films, theory and historiography combined with the basic technique in Arab and Berber dances will be an integral part of this workshop.

Mariem Guellouz

Mariem Guellouz is the director of the Carthage Choreographic Days since its first edition in June 2018. In addition to being a performer and dancer specializing in the Arab world dances, she is an academic and researcher specializing in sociolinguistics and theories of the artistic performance.
She is the author of several scientific publications which scrutinize the socio-discursive constructions of the artist's/performer's body in Arab and Muslim countries. She is carrying out research on the history of dance in the Arab countries and particularly in Tunisia. She is a performer and trainer in oriental and Maghreb dance where she seeks to combine her theoretical knowledge with her dancing practice.

13 Mar 11:00

14 Mar 11:00

Eira / Teatro da Voz

Workshop canceled.